Q. Why do we need a Loan Capital Fund?
A. The funds generated by the membership subscriptions will not be enough to purchase a stake in Chester City Football Club.

Q. What will happen to the money that I lend?
A. The money will be placed on deposit in the Trust's Loan Account with the Co-operative Bank for the purpose of a scheme or schemes to acquire an interest in C.C.F.C.

Q. How much money can I loan?
A. The minimum that you can invest is £100 and it will be in the form of an interest free loan with no date for redemption. There is no maximum on the amount you can loan and it is hoped you will invest as much as you can afford.

Q. Why should I loan more than £100?
A. Every extra £100 will take us nearer our goal of securing a lasting voice for supporters in the running of the club. Chester City Supporters Loan Noteholders who lend more money will also have additional votes in the passing of resolutions at Noteholders meetings.
£100 gives one vote;
£500 gives two votes;
£1000 secures three votes;
£2000 or more will secure four votes (which is the maximum number of votes per person).

Q. Do I have to pay it straight away?
A. If you can, however, we have also enclosed a standing order mandate for the Co-operative Bank which will allow you to make regular contributions to the Loan Fund and when each £100 is reached a Loan Note will be issued.

Q. Do I get more of a say in the Trust affairs by contributing to the Loan Fund?
A. Yes. The Loan Noteholders will elect representatives who will be co-opted onto the Trust Board.

Q. Will I get a say in how the Chester City Supporters Loan Capital Fund will be spent?
A. Yes. If negotiations by the Trust Board with C.C.F.C. reach an advanced stage the proposed deal will then be put to a vote of all Loan Noteholders. The money raised will not be spent unless 75 per cent of the votes cast by the Loan Noteholders are in favour of the proposed course of action.

Q. Do I need to be a member of the Trust to be a Loan Noteholder?
A. Yes. Noteholders are required to be members of the Trust. In the event that a Noteholder's membership ceases, such Noteholders shall have no voting rights under the Loan Fund and no entitlement of any surplus repayment in the event of the Trust selling any or all of it's shares in C.C.F.C. at a profit in the future.

Q. Can I have my Loan repaid in the future?
A. Any contributions will be gratefully received however please do not invest any money you cannot afford. It is hoped that in the future years there will be some opportunities to repay individual loans in exceptional personal circumstances. The Trust Board will allow Loan Fund Noteholders to apply on an annual basis for their Loan to be repaid. However it will be at the absolute discretion of the Board whether any Loans will be repaid.

Q. What happens to my Loan if I die?
A. This will depend on the terms of your will, but the Loan Note will form part of a deceased person's estate and may be transferred to the beneficiaries.

Q. If C.C.F.C. are successful in future years and the Trust stake becomes worth a lot of money, could the Trust sell the shares and distribute the profits?
A. It would be possible for the Trust to sell some or all of the shares it buys in C.C.F.C., although this is contrary to the principles of the supporters' ownership of C.C.F.C. If the entire shareholding was sold, the cash received by the Trust would firstly be used to repay the Loan Fund Noteholders. The remaining cash (net of costs and taxes in connection with the sale) would be split, with 80 per cent going to Loan Noteholders in proportion to the size of their loans and the remaining 20 per cent used for the Trusts general objectives for the benefit of the community. If only some of the shares were sold the Trust Board would decide in its absolute discretion how to divide the cash.

Q. Are terms and conditions available for the Loan Fund?
A. Yes. They are available to members on request from the P.O. Box address (at top of page) and are available on this website here.

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